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Our Claims Process

We have an in-house claim professional that will help report all but WC claims and then we will systematically follow up on the claims until they are closed. On larger claims, we will deeply involve ourselves with the independent adjusters to help with the satisfactory conclusion of your claim. We are experienced with handling all types of Apartment claims including,: assaults, fires, hurricanes, tornados, slip and fall, meth labs and auto claims just to name a few. We also have experience in working with public adjusters if and when it becomes necessary. We are completely your advocate.
  • With an optimistic approach, we sincerely hope you experience no losses. Unfortunately, in the real world, accidents do happen and a large part of our program includes the management of your claims.
  • Timely reporting of a loss is one of the most important factors in determining the amount paid for a claim. The first step we take is to provide you the tools and information to report your losses promptly.
  • State law requires that the employer complete the Workers’ Compensation First Reports of Injury and submit them to the insurance company.
  • All other claims can be reported to our office via our website -, facsimile or telephone.
  • We complete the loss notice for you and submit it to your insurance company for adjustor assignment and contact within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • From the date of loss until the claim is settled to your satisfaction, the Claims Staff at MRA will assist you with any questions you or your employees may have. If the claim involves serious injury or large dollar amounts, we will automatically request status reports from the adjustor so we are in a position to assist you at any time. This process not only gives us the information to answer any questions you might have, but also keeps the claim in a high profile status with the company claims personnel.
  • In conjunction with following up on your claim activity, we also report to you using our uniquely designed Premium/Loss Exhibit completed with information obtained from the insurance company. These reports are submitted to you on a scheduled basis, depending on the loss frequency of your company. The Premium/Loss Exhibit allows both your company and ours an opportunity to identify areas where collective actions or instituting a loss prevention program may save you premium dollars in the future.
  • We can also determine if the information provided by the insurance companies is accurate and credible. Often times, companies will set up large reserves for claims and do not reduce the reserves in a timely manner. These inaccurate reserves can distort your loss experience. All open claims will be investigated until settlement, as they could cast an unfavorable light on your loss history.
  • The professional level of service MRA provides in handling of your claims and our overview of your past and present losses is just one reason our agency will make a distinctive difference in the quality of your Insurance and Risk Management Program.