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Investors confident in U.S. real estate, especially multifamily
Aug 13, 2013

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle (August 13, 2012)

By Steve Berman, OA Development

I recently returned from a commercial real estate conference in Israel.

The conference, which was organized by The Marker, the leading business publication in Israel, and Profimex, one of OA Developments investors, brought real estate sponsors and investors together for a fascinating day of discussions and lively debate about the opportunities that exist in the world marketplace.

More than 650 people attended the conference, and the most striking aspect of it was the way all commercial real estate sectors compete for capital.
Whether you are in multifamily, office, industrial or hospitality and whether you are in Europe, Asia, the U.S. or South America, everyone is driven by one overriding concern — returns to investors.

Of course the narrative of the opportunities gets much richer and nuanced after one looks at the return. A 10 percent return that is analyzed to have a high exposure to risk is much different to a 10 percent return that has a lower threshold of risk so the promoters and investors all have to drill down to understand the risks and opportunities of the marketplace.

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