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Convenient Services

As specialists in providing insurance and risk management to the Multifamily community, we will provide the following services:

Thorough Risk Analysis: Through the use of our “MRA Apartment Applicaton”, we can identify your various exposures to financial loss. We will also make a number of Risk Management Recommendations that should be an integral part of your Risk and Insurance Program.
  • Broker of Insurance: We know the apartment market as well as any broker in the country and can find the most appropriate carrier for your current situation. The market is constantly changing and because we do so much Multifamily business, we know who to go to.
  • As part of your due diligence team, we will work with you to evaluate your exposure to loss of acquisitions you may be considering. We will help you obtain the necessary underwriting information and come back to you with quick and accurate cost indications so you can make an informed decision about the viability of the acquisition. 
  • Lender Compliance: We will make sure that we understand the requirements of each of your lenders and will design a program that will most efficiently meet those needs. We will help negotiate the best terms for our client with the Lenders. Examples of this might include: Terrorism, Flood, Insurance-to-value, or Umbrella Limits. 
  • Annual and On-Going Review: Each year, 90 to 120 days prior to your renewal date, we will meet with you and review your exposures and update your insurance coverage. With the rapid growth and change in your exposures expected, we will evaluate your program on a more regular basis to provide better solutions for your company should the marketplace and your appetite allow it. 
Other Services
  • Loss control
  • Lease and Contract Review from Risk Management perspective.
  • Marshall and Swift Valuations on properties
  • Review and negotiation of Lender Requirements
  • Cost allocation per property per line of coverage 
  • Claims Review (at least quarterly with carrier)
  • Customized Claim Reports Available 
  • Experience Modification check and verification
  • Audit reviews
  • Safety Meeting attendance and/or presentations as needed
  • Stewardship Review (at least quarterly and on-going)
  • Risk Management Financing review/negotiations (Letter of Credit)
  • Periodic meeting with key insurance company underwriter(s)
  • Vendor evaluations as needed (TPA, Company Nurse, RMIS)
  • Capability to link Certificate requests and claims reports to the Client Intranet
  • Location Crime Indexing